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I love the coffee shop.
I love everything about it.
The conversations, the music, the concentration, the laptops, the laughter, the sound of hissing espresso machines and the aroma of toasted coffee beans.

Sitting in a coffee shop in November 2014, I had an idea. So I opened a new Instagram account and started posting images from other accounts on my account and giving them credit ("props"). This was going to be for my personal pleasure and means of killing time. I had no intention of marketing or making anything of it.

But it caught on. I have had some of the greatest conversations with some of the most interesting people, from a world-class kayaker to a country singer, to the drummer for the band, Korn.

My name is Scott Couchenour.
Join me in my journey as I commit to connecting coffee lovers worldwide through their unique experience, common appreciation, and expressive passion
for a cup of coffee.

(by the way, this photo is from @pergite)


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