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Finca El Olimpo


Finca El Olimpo, proudly Guatemalan. It was founded in 1930 by Marco Antonio Bonifasi Sáenz, dedicating himself to the planting, cultivation and export of coffee. "Finca El Olimpo" is named for its excellent land, meaning it is the Land of the Gods. According to Greek mythology Olympus is the name of the home of the main Gods. More than 80 years and three generations after its foundation, El Olimpo has 115 hectares of coffee plantation: 80% of Catimor variety and the remaining 20% of Sarchimor and Robusta.

"Finca El Olimpo" is named for its excellent land, which means it is the Land of Gods. According to Greek mythology, Olympus is the name of the house of the main gods.

Más de 80 años y tres generaciones después de su fundación, El Olimpo tiene 115 hectáreas de plantaciones de café: el 80% de la variedad Catimor y el otro 20% de Sarchimor y Robusta.


• Coffee: washed coffee and specialties such as: Natural, Anaerobic and Honey.

• Macadamia nuts.

• Banana.

• Anthurium ornamental flowers.

• 100% organic honey.


Finca El Olimpo is located in the south west of the country at an altitude of 900 meters at 1400 meters in the municipality of Santo Tomas La Union, Suchitepéquez, at 170km. (approximately 3 hours driving) from Guatemala City. With a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.


Currently, the third generation of the Bonifasi family works at Finca El Olimpo, who have focused on breaking paradigms to achieve their objectives focused on the production, quality and export of coffee and other products. In this way, it has been possible to place coffee abroad in European and Asian countries such as Italy, Holland, Germany and Japan. Our team is committed to continue improving the management of our production processes and there provide our customers with the best coffee in the region. We believe in caring for the environment, so we are a farm with Rain-Forest Alliance.

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